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No up Front Cost

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Up To 25 Mbps

Liberty 12

12 GB

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  • Liberty Pass

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    $ 49
    99 mo


    after 3 months

Liberty 18

18 GB

Priority Data
  • Liberty Pass

    Fear not your data allowance
    $ 69
    99 mo


    after 3 months


Liberty 30

30 GB

Priority Data
  • Liberty Pass

    Fear not your data allowance
    $ 99
    99 mo


    after 3 months

TV Bundle


  • Internet & TV

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    Bundle and save $10/month for 12 months

    Get NFL Sunday Ticket - only on DIRECTV.

What is Exede Internet?

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Save Time and Money with Exede® Satellite Internet Plans

Using advanced satellite technology, Exede® provides households in remote areas across the United States unlimited satellite internet. You can do more than ever online, no matter where you live! Don't let your service provider slow down your productivity. Make sure a satellite internet Exede® plan is on your agenda today.

If you live in a rural area and are relying on dial-up internet service, you will be delighted to find that Exede® internet plans offer high speed satellite internet and data packages at an affordable price throughout the country. Exede® satellite internet offers rural households secure bandwidth and eliminates the need to sacrifice speed or performance. And we're excited to announce that we are now offering unlimited data plans! Whether you want to work from home, take online classes, surf the web or stream music, Exede® satellite internet plans make it possible to stay connected.

If you're curious to see what real households just like yours are saying about Exede® internet plans, take a look at Exede® internet customer reviews. We are constantly developing new technology based on customer reviews, and we strive to make sure that our products and services reflect that. See real people and hear real stories about how Exede® internet has enhanced their lives.

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Using cutting-edge technology, Exede® offers unlimited satellite internet to our customers. Internet signals are sent to the Exede® ViaSat-1 satellite, and the signal then delivers the desired content directly to your satellite, and finally your computer. This may seem like a lot of steps, but this exchange happens at lightning speed.

The process of setting up satellite internet is simple and easy with Exede®! We will send a certified technician to assess the best locations to place your dish. The technician will then install the Exede® internet modem that conveniently connects to all your devices, and your internet connection will be tested to ensure it works properly. Once this is complete, you are ready to enjoy countless hours of high speed internet.

How Much is Exede® Internet?

Whether you're shopping for your business or home, Exede® has internet service and data usage plans that are tailored to you. If you would like to learn more about our services, the Exede® internet contact number makes it easy to get in touch with a trained customer service representative: 855-463-9333. Our skilled customer service team will help you personalize a plan that fits your family and your budget.

Exede Internet Plans

We work hard to deliver the best possible usage plans that save you time and money. With so many great Exede® internet packages to choose from, don't hesitate to speak with a specialist to help you choose which package works best for you.

With our three-year price lock guarantee you can enjoy a price that's both affordable and consistent. Rest assured that your service is going to stay the same price for three years.

To help you save even more, Exede® internet data plans include options to bundle your services. By bundling your plan with DIRECTV, you can save $10 each month, simply by choosing your package and combining it with DIRECTV. You can also save $10 per month adding Exede® Voice home phone service to your plan.

In addition to bundling options, your household could be qualified to double your download speeds up to 25 Mbps, depending on your location. Call us today to learn more about our Exede® internet data usage offerings and bundles, and be sure to mention "BOOST 25."

Exede® internet plans give you the best of both worlds: the freedom to live where you want to live, and the power to use a high speed, trustworthy internet service. With our budget-friendly prices, unlimited data plans and fast connection, Exede® high speed internet offers you all the perks that satellite technology has to offer. Discover what Exede® internet can do for you today.

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